a little generosity trick

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I’m not very good at sharing. I think it’s partly due to being raised by parents who are very stingy with their money (read: money smart). But lately I’ve been in so many situations that in hindsight I think “I shouldn’t have been so stingy” or I should have offered/given/helped more.” I’d never regret giving […]

on resolutions…

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New Year’s Resolutions. You know. Those things you probably wrote on a piece of paper. Somewhere. Last year. And could probably bet that that paper is hopefully in recycling but honestly probably in a landfill somewhere. Do you even remember them? You think, oh well it’s a nice ritual in mindfulness. Well, guess what. I’ve […]

The perfect morning.

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An I must have slept too long start. Too long I thought because it was deep. sleep. A breakfast plan rushed. Bad planning births excitement. anxious excitement. Caramel intrudes into my mouth as I wonder would a fruit filling have suited me better? No remorse. A familiar wondering. Normal.  A stroll. Purposeless on purpose. Boredom […]